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At Rastam Singa & C0, We Understand Your Needs & We Deliver Quality Service!

Messr, Rastam Singa & Co. has been providing legal services to corporations and individuals for over 30 years. Originally founded in 1980 as Messrs. Singa & Co., the firm merged with Messrs. Rastam & Co. to form Messrs. Rastam Singa & CO. The firm's practice now provides a full and varied range of legal services to meed all the legal requirements of its clients.

Among the firm's clients are corporations from private and public sectors, entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals. The Firm represents clients in a variety of legal matters in banking, finance & insolvency; appellate & corporate litigation; intellectual property; technology transfer & licenses; mergers & acquisitions; corporate listing & restructuring; property transactions; joint ventures & building laws; commercial & civil litigation; securities litigations; trusts law; information’s technology; probate & administrations of estates; local government by-laws; industrial & labor disputes; insurance law; shipping & maritime law and mediation.

We provided the highesr standart of legal assistance to our corporate clients as we view our client’s problems on business perspective as wellas on logal perspective. Our client relations are based on ersonal long-term relationships. Our teams of partners, legal assistants offer each client diverse areas of expertise. We can handle a large spectrum of legal matter effectively, and be provide immediate and personal attention to each of our clients.

To handle the increasing volume of work and ensure the highest standarts in our practice, we maintain a comprehensive information technology system and networking in all our offices. Throught this advanced system of work, our legal documentation and ligitation cases are done more efficiently and we are able to inter-act with all our offices and clients closely.